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Everything you need to know about Creating and Using track stacks in Logic Pro X with VoiceOver

Posted in effects, and Logic


If you are a blind Logic Pro X user who wants to know about Track Stacks and how they work, this screen reader friendly tutorial walks you through the ins and outs of setting them up with VoiceOver.

So What are Track Stacks?

Track Stacks are a way to group tracks together so you can effect or control them as one track. There are two types of Track Stacks in Logic Pro X, a Folder Stack and a Summing Stack. This tutorial focuses on the latter.
A summing stack allows you to group tracks together similar to what other DAW’s may refer to as a folder Track.. (not to be confused with Logic’s Folder Stack). This means that you will generally create a sub mix for all the tracks in the Summing Stack. The Summing Stack also allows you to put effects on its channel strip, and effect all the tracks in the stack as one as well.

Putting it in action

The tutorial starts out with explaining how you would set up the same routing manually, so you can see how the Summing Stack saves you time with a single key command. This allows you to see how, instead of doing all that routing manually, you can simply select the tracks you want and press Command Shift G to have the same routing done behind the scenes for you with the added benefit of being able to collapse the Summing stack to hide the tracks inside of it when not needed.

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg and the simplest way you can utilize Summing Stacks. If you want to dive deep into how powerful Summing Stacks are and how you can best take advantage of them in your projects, book a one on one training session and lets crack open one of your projects and get you organized like a pro, to make your production or mixing life easier.