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How TO Add Key Or Time Signature Changes To Your Logic Pro Project For Blind Users Using VoiceOver!

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In an earlier tutorial we looked at how to add tempo changes, so this time out we’ll look at another often asked about change that is added in a similar way, key and/or time signature changes.
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How TO Add Key Or Time Signature Changes To Your Logic Pro Project For Blind Users Using VoiceOver!

The easiest way to add a key or time signature change to a project is to show the list editors, which you can show or hide with its key command D. Once visible, select the signature radio button and then look for the pop up button that says “time.” If you want to do a time signature change you can leave this button as is, but if you want to do a key signature change, then you can VO Space on this pop up button and select “key” from the drop down menu.
Now if you VO Left from that pop up button, there will be a button labelled “create new key/time signature change.” This is the button to press to add a key or time signature change marker to your project, but before pressing it, move the playhead to where you would like to insert the key or time signature change. Once you have the playhead at the point where you want to insert the change, VO Space on the create new key/time signature change button to add the change at that point in the project. In the Case of the time Signature Change, you will be presented with a pop up button where you can choose the time signature you want to insert. Once you select your time signature, navigate to and press the OK button to insert it. Rinse and repeat to add multiple signature changes to the project.
Keep in mind, at least the last time I tried this, Key signature changes won’t automatically transpose your project, you will still need to do that manually. However it can be useful for certain plug ins that can use the projects key info.
To delete a key or time signature change, interact with the table and navigate to the row you want to remove with VO up or down arrow and press the delete or backspace key on your keyboard.
If you do a lot of key or time signature changes, there are some key commands you can consider assigning:
+ Open Signature List – This will open a signature list. Similar to the event list or Piano roll you will press the key command to open it, but then you will need to press command W to close the window with the Signature list.
+ Show/Hide Signature List – Like pressing Y to show or hide the library, this means press the key command once to show the signature list, press the same key command again to hide it.
+ Create Key Signature Change or Create Time Signature Change – These key command should let you drop a key or time signature change at the playhead without having to go into the key or time signature list table.

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