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How to do a Punch Recording in Logic Pro Using VoiceOver

Posted in Logic

Recording something in Apple’s Logic Pro and want to correct just a small section? This tutorial walks you through the process of Setting the Punch in and out locators and punching in Just that section that you messed up.
This guide assumes you are using either the US Default Key Commands or the Logic Keyboard Ninja Key Commands. You can find instructions on how to install them under the “Installing The Key Command File” heading on theGetting Started page. Also, find a full list of the keyboard ninja commands in the Key Commands List.

Once you know where you’d like to punch in, you can navigate to that spot and set a punch in locator with Control Option Command I. Likewise you can do the same for the punch out locator with Control Option Command O. These are default logic key commands and if you are a VoiceOver user who uses CapsLock as their VoiceOver Key, you can issue these key commands without any additional steps. However if you are still using control and option as your VoiceOver keys, you will have to perform the VoiceOver PassThrough command first which is Control Option Tab, before you can do the punch in and punch out commands.
Once you have your punch locators set the next time you hit record, you will only record when the playhead crosses the punch in locator and automatically stop recording when the playhead crosses the punch out locator. This makes it easy to re-record a tight section without Risking re-recording over parts that are fine.
Once you are done with the punch recording, you can toggle Auto Punch Mode off by pressing Control Option Command P. The next time you want to do a punch recording you can toggle Auto Punch Mode back on with another press of the same key command. Remember once again, if you are still using Control and Option as your VoiceOver Modifiers, you will need to first do the VoiceOver PassThrough which is Control Option Tab. This is why I prefer to Set VoiceOver to Use CapsLock as the VoiceOver Modifier. If the VoiceOver Pass through command, Control Option Tab isn’t working for you and you don’t want to set VoiceOver to use CapsLock only, you will need to turn VoiceOver off with Command F5, then press the key command you want to use, e.g. Control Option Command I, then turn VoiceOver back on with Command F5.
At the end of the tutorial, I cover how to flatten any takes that my have occurred during recording,and how to apply the default cross fade. However if the default cross fade doesn’t work for this particular punch, you can always apply a cross fade manually.

Useful Key Commands

  • Set Punch In Locator Control Option Command I
  • Set Punch Out Locator Control Option Command O
  • Toggle Auto Punch Mode Control Option Command P
  • VoiceOver PassThrough Control Option Tab (useful if you still use Control and Option as your VoiceOver Keys before issuing any commands which uses Control and Option keys)
  • Flatten Take Folder Option Shift U
  • Apply Default Cross Fade Control Option X