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Saving And Organizing Presets -Plug Ins, Channel Strips, Or Patches!

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This tutorial covers the different types of presets and preset files you can save in Logic Pro and how to organize them so you can quickly find the ones you need. Covered are plug in presets (both for stock Logic and 3rd party plug ins), Channel Strip settings (which you can think of as effects chains), and Patches for the Logic Pro Library. Get up to speed with what the differences between the types of presets are, how to save presets in the various formats, how to organize them for easy navigation, when each type may be appropriate and much more. Time stamps are listed below and in the description.

Watch The Tutorial Here

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Plug In presets, Plug In Settings (.pst) and AU Presets (.aupreset)
9:29 – Organizing your stock plug in presets.
12:32 – Organizing 3rd party Plug in presets.
18:52 – Channel Strip Settings then Patches
25:12 – How To Save Patches
27:03 – Using Channel Strip settings
29:52 – Using Patches
32:14 – Saving a Patch That Includes all your sends
40:44 – Organizing your Channel Strip Settings
46:20 – Organizing Patches
50:23 – Recap, wrap up and outro