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Are you interested in recording/editing with the software instruments included in Logic? Wanting to record instruments like guitars and vocals? New to Komplete Kontrol and want to get up to speed on its awesome integration with Logic? Perhaps you are new to MacOS andVoiceOver and need some help making sense of it all?
I offer one on one lessons Via the Zoom platform. I’ll route my Logic audio through as well as my VoiceOver during training. This way, you can hear my computer as if we are in the same room. To be able to best assist you, I ask that you have your VoiceOver on speakers so that I may follow along with what you are doing in Logic. It is strongly recommended that you use Zoom on your computer, instead of via a mobile device, for the best possible learning experience.
To help me understand what it is you are interested in learning, fill out the contact form below. Answers to these questions will help me tailor a lesson plan customized for you. Rates are hourly, however, a 3 hour lesson bundle will save you some money, and best of all, you can split the time up however you would like. That could be 3 one hour sessions, 2 90 minute sessions, or 1 massive 3 hour lesson.
Payments are via PayPal once we agree on a date and time to begin. Looking forward to working with you, and assisting you in achieving your Logic, VoiceOver and or MacOS goals!