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interested in training? I do offer training by the hour Via the Zoom platform. I have it set up so I can route my Logic audio through as well as my VoiceOver during training. This way, you can follow along and hear my computer as if I am sitting right next to you. I’ll probably also request that you have your VoiceOver on speakers so that I can hear it while you are doing stuff in Logic as well. Please fill out the contact form below to help me understand what it is you are interested in learning. Are you mostly interested in software instruments using the built in sounds that come with Logic? Are you more of an audio person who wants to record things like guitars and vocals? Are there specific genres or types of music you are looking to make? Answers to these questions will help me figure out a lesson plan and give me a rough idea of how many hours it may take. I charge by the hour and can send you a PayPal invoice if we decide to move forward on some training. So let me know what some of your Logic goals are and we’ll go from there.

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