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Audio Settings

Via Computer

If you want to adjust your input or output volume, or change your input or output device, press Command Comma for settings. With QuickNav (or Single letter Quicknav in Senoma off), use down arrow to navigate to the “Voice and Video” tab and VO Space on it.
From there press tab and you’ll be able to access the controls where you can use VO Left and VO Right to navigate. You’ll land on input device first where you can select the mic you want to use.
Next is output where you can select your headphones, speakers etc.
Then there’s an input volume slider where you can adjust your mic volume. Interact with the slider and adjust with up or down arrow keys respectively..
After that there’s an output volume slider, where you can change how loud or quiet all Discord audio is coming into your headphones or speakers.
Next is a mic test where you can hear your voice played back to you if you want to verify your settings.
Most of the other settings should be fine so we won’t cover them here. To find the close button, press VO End then VO Left a couple times.