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This page contains a handy list of resources that can be helpful in the journey of becoming a better Keyboard Ninja or VoiceOver Warrior. Everything from discussion groups to other tutorials and include not just things for learning Logic, but Komplete Kontrol and even VoiceOver tips as well. For GarageBand Users, check out Diving Into GarageBand 1, 2, and 3.

Backing Up Logic

Whenever there is a new version of Logic, it’s recommended that you back up the current version before installing the new version. You can follow this guide to see how to back it up, or check out this shorter one from the Youtube channel.


You can join the Logic Accessibility email discussion list by sending a blank email to the subscription address logic-accessibility+subscribe at googlegroups com. This is a general email discussion group for all things about getting up to speed on Logic, and even some GarageBand as well.
Once on the list, feel free to ask about joining the what’s app group, if sending audio messages is more your style.


Flogic is a set of Keyboard Maestro macros used to enhance the workflow of a VoiceOver Warrior from the keyboard. Visit the Flogic page to keep up to date on Flogic and to see how to get a copy and get it set up.

Youtube Playlist

For all things getting started, from installation to setting up to making your first recordings and beyond, you can visit the Getting Started With Logic Page, or check out the Youtube Playlist below if you are more a viewer than a reader. Though it should be noted, the Getting Started page has the relevant Youtube content linked in their section as well.

Also Don’t forget to check out the Key Commands List, as its an exhaustive list of Logic Key Commands. There is also a link to the LogicKeyboardNinja Key Commands file on that page.

If you would like to get up to speed on the basics of the different ways to edit in Logic Pro, then check out the Editing Playlist.

For moving around your Logic Projects, the Navigational Playlist got you covered.

For other Logic tutorials, you can check out the Logic page on AccessMTech.
There is also a page for Komplete Kontrol Tutorials on that site as well.
And of course, KK Access is a blog covering all aspects of Komplete Kontrol accessibility. I found this one particularly useful when setting up Komplete Kontrol myself.
And lastly, there is this Komplete Kontrol Accessibility playlist.

VoiceOver Tips

Keep an eye on this growing list of VoiceOver Tips from the Youtube channel.

And here is a link to every known VoiceOver command.

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