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Edit Your MIDI quickly With The Piano Roll in Logic – Here’s How With VoiceOver!

If you have been curious about the Piano Roll in Logic Pro as a blind or visually impaired producer, this screen reader tutorial gets you…

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Ever Wondered How to do those Snare or Hi-Hat Rolls? Intro to Logic’s Note Repeater with VoiceOver!

Curious about how to get those snare and hi-hat rolls heard in various styles of electronic music as a blind or visually impaired producer in…

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Recorded Your MIDI Drums on Multiple Tracks? Here’s how to Merge 2 or More MIDI Tracks into One

Ever created multiple drum tracks while laying down the groove? One for kick and snare, another for the hats and cymbals and another for fills…

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Searching for Free Sounds to Use in Logic or With its Samplers – Check Out This Ultimate Collection of Drum Kits

If you are on the hunt for some quality sounds to use in your Logic productions, then Bedroom Producers Blog has got the post for…

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Using Quick Sampler -Playing a sample pitched across your MIDI Keyboard In Logic Pro With VoiceOver

If you saw the other sampler tutorial, and have been curious about how to play a sample pitched up and down across your MIDI Keyboard,…

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How to set an app to Launch on Mac Startup Automatically Plus How to Auto start VoiceOver At Log On

If you are a blind or visually impaired user of MacOS and VoiceOver and wondered how to set an app to launch automatically on startup,…

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