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Category: QuickTip

QuickTip: Use This Trick To Record To Multiple Tracks At The Same Time In Logic Pro With VoiceOver

As a blind user of Apple’s Logic Pro, you may have realized that record enabling multiple tracks, in order to record to them all at…

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QuickTip: Plug ins Giving You Issues? How To Reset And Rescan Plug Ins IN Logic Pro With VoiceOver

If you have ever had a plug in not show up in the list of available plug ins after installing it, or a plug in…

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QuickTip: Navigate Your Project In Bars and Beats and See Where You Are In Minutes and Seconds

By default, Logic Pro lets you move through your project in Bars and Beats etc. But what if you want to navigate in minutes and…

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QuickTip: Repeating Regions – A Handy Tool when Building A Track – Here’s How With VoiceOver!

Starting a new track in Logic and want to get that drum beat you started with to repeat for the entire project? Wish you could…

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