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Is This One Of The Most Accessible Guitar Amp Sims? A Detailed Overview of the Parameters And Checking Out the Sounds of Amplion 2 Rock Essentials from Audified!

Are you a blind guitar player, Looking for a robust amp rig to use in your DAW? if so, Amplion 2 Rock Essentials is worth…

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Everything You Ever Wanted TO know About Komplete Kontrol For Blind Logic Pro Users With Andre Louis

What is Komplete Kontrol and how can screen reader users use it? Find out in this conversation with Andre Louis, where we talk about how…

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FAQS & Logic #3 – Normalizing, Reference Tracks and More Plus An Update On Changing Plugin Parameters

Curious about Flex Pitch?, Want to see a quick way to change the tempo? Curious about how to use a reference track? These are just…

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Using Ozone Master Assistant In Logic Pro As A Blind Person With VoiceOver

If you have ever been curious about how to use the Ozone Master Assistant in Logic Pro as a blind user, then this tutorial has…

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How I’ve been Recording Guitars Lately, Checking Out the Apogee Jam+ Audio Interface For Guitar!

For sometime now I’ve been considering building a guitar rig using MainStage. I thought it would make a great accessible alternative to rival a stand…

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FAQS & Logic #2 – Changing the Metronome Sounds, Using Multiple MIDI Keyboards Plus More!

Want to change the sound of the metronome? Is there a faster way to change plug in parameters other than VO and arrow keys? Can…

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Everything You need to Know to Get Started with Reverb in Logic Pro with VoiceOver

Ever wondered where to begin to get a professional reverb on the tracks you are working on in Apple’s Logic Pro? Well in this tutorial…

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QuickTip: Plug ins Giving You Issues? How To Reset And Rescan Plug Ins IN Logic Pro With VoiceOver

If you have ever had a plug in not show up in the list of available plug ins after installing it, or a plug in…

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Are These The Best Stock Delays Ever? Lets Check Out the Logic Pro Delays With VoiceOver!

If you have ever been curious about delays in Apple’s Logic Pro, from the subtle to the creative, then this tutorial will get you started. This time out we’ll cover the parameters for taking advantage of any delay plug in, while demonstrating the differences between Logic’s Tape Delay and Stereo Delay in sound. And best of all, it’s walking through the delay plug ins with VoiceOver, the built in screen reader on MacOS.for the blind and visually impaired.

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