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Category: effects

What’s New With Locators For Blind Users And Using Presets To Make Your Beats Knock With VoiceOver!

Posted in effects, and Logic

As we conclude the What’s new In Apple’s Logic Pro 10.7.5 series, we will take a look at a new option in the Keyboard Ninja’s…

New Logic Pro 10.7.5 Feature – Record MIDI TO Track – How To Use It As A Blind User With VoiceOver!

Posted in effects, and Logic

If you have ever used Logic MIDI effects to spice up one of your performances or recordings, you know how easy they can make playing…

A Quick Way into the Library For Blind Users And Is Record Enable Status With VoiceOver Finally Fixed?

Posted in effects, and Logic

Continuing the look at what’s new in Apple’s Logic Pro 10.7.5 for VoiceOver Warriors, we will look at the record enable functionality now working more…

Is This One Of The Most Accessible Guitar Amp Sims? A Detailed Overview of the Parameters And Checking Out the Sounds of Amplion 2 Rock Essentials from Audified!

Posted in effects, GarageBand, and Logic

Are you a blind guitar player, Looking for a robust amp rig to use in your DAW? if so, Amplion 2 Rock Essentials is worth…

FAQS & Logic #3 – Normalizing, Reference Tracks and More Plus An Update On Changing Plugin Parameters

Posted in effects, FAQS & Logic, and Logic

Curious about Flex Pitch?, Want to see a quick way to change the tempo? Curious about how to use a reference track? These are just…