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Introduction To Session Players And How To Use The Chord Track With VoiceOver For Blind Logic Users

Posted in Beat Making, effects, Logic, and Session Players And Chord Track

This tutorial covers the basics of the new session players, and gets into how to use the chord Track as a Blind Person With VoiceOVer, the Mac’s built in screen reader for the Visually Impaired.It covers the session players, and how they relate to Drummer as we knew it in Logic Pro x, how the session player regions relate to the chord track, and of course how to actually use the Chord track as efficiently as possible with VoiceOver. You will either need to map your own key commands or grab the LogicKeyboardNinja Key Commands File. See below for the current key commands.

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Check Out The Tutorial Here
Time Stamps/Chapters
0:00 – Introduction To session players, their regions and the session player editor and the chord track.
10:10 – Adding Chords to the chord Track.

These Key Commands may be tentative and may be updated but this should get you started.

  • Create New Chord (at the playhead position) 1
  • Edit Chord Shift 1
  • Group chords 2
  • Ungroup Chords Shift 2
  • Select All Chords 3
  • Select All Chord Groups Shift 3
  • Select All Chords In Cycle Range (between Locators)4
  • Select all Chord Groups in Cycle Range (between Locators) Shift 4