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Author: TheOreoMonster

How to set an app to Launch on Mac Startup Automatically Plus How to Auto start VoiceOver At Log On

If you are a blind or visually impaired user of MacOS and VoiceOver and wondered how to set an app to launch automatically on startup,…

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Using a Filter Sweep to Demonstrate How To Automate an FX Parameter in Logic Pro With VoiceOver

If you are a blind or visually impaired Logic Pro user wondering how to automate an effects parameter, then this screen reader friendly tutorial has…

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Play Audio Samples with a MIDI Keyboard – Creating Sampler Instruments in Logic Pro With VoiceOver

  If you are a blind user of Apple’s Logic Pro and would like to trigger your samples from your MIDI keyboard, this screen reader…

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Everything you need to know about Creating and Using track stacks in Logic Pro X with VoiceOver

  If you are a blind Logic Pro X user who wants to know about Track Stacks and how they work, this screen reader friendly…

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Cycle Looping And Repeating – What are the differences And when to use each in Logic Pro With VoiceOver

  If you are an Apple Logic Pro User wondering about the differences or similarities between Cycle, Looping, And Repeating, this screen reader friendly tutorial…

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Quickly Repeat a section of your Project with Locators – Here’s how using VoiceOver

  Curious about locators in Apple’s Logic Pro? This tutorial covers one of the things locators can be used for which is repeating a section…

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No MIDI Keyboard? No Problem! Use the Musical Typing Keyboard – Here’s How With VoiceOver

  Are you wanting to take advantage of software instruments like the many pianos, synths, bass and drums available in Apple’s Logic Pro, but do…

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