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Category: Logic

Editing Or Arranging And Need To Change A region’s Length? This Logic Pro Shortcut Makes It Faster!

Posted in Logic

When arranging or editing regions in Logic Pro, at times you may want to change a region length to lay out an idea or part…

How TO Add Key Or Time Signature Changes To Your Logic Pro Project For Blind Users Using VoiceOver!

Posted in Logic

In an earlier tutorial we looked at how to add tempo changes, so this time out we’ll look at another often asked about change that…

What’s New With Locators For Blind Users And Using Presets To Make Your Beats Knock With VoiceOver!

Posted in effects, and Logic

As we conclude the What’s new In Apple’s Logic Pro 10.7.5 series, we will take a look at a new option in the Keyboard Ninja’s…

The Inspector in Logic Pro 10.7.5 And Moving By Transient Now Improved For Blind Users With VoiceOver!

Posted in Logic

As we continue our look at the new features in Logic Pro 10.7.5, this time out we’ll look at how the Inspector now works with…

New Logic Pro 10.7.5 Feature – Record MIDI TO Track – How To Use It As A Blind User With VoiceOver!

Posted in effects, and Logic

If you have ever used Logic MIDI effects to spice up one of your performances or recordings, you know how easy they can make playing…

Free Tempo Recording Lets you Capture Tricky Parts With Ease – Here’s How It Works With VoiceOver!

Posted in Logic

Free Tempo Recording is a brand new feature that allows you to ignore all other tracks in the project and record freely without the constraints…