As of this writing most of Flogic’s features are not useable in Logic Versions 10.4.5 or later. (For reference Logic 10.4.5 came out in mid June 2019). While few features still work, A lot of the features like selecting inputs and outputs or selecting/opening different effects, will need to be fixed in an update to Flogic at some point. Regarding things like solo and muting, Logic natively updated what is spoken when you solo and mute a track so Flogic isn’t as necessary for task like that as it once was. Flogic is also in it’s early stages and while that can include potential alpha cycle bug, good results with the few things that work have been reported for the most part thus far.

What is Flogic

While Logic is very accessible out of the box with VoiceOver, there are still some pieces of information one can gleam by quickly glancing at the screen. Flogic is an Add-On to, extend the functionality of Logic and level the playing field in this regard. These include HotKeys for quickly finding out which tracks are “soloed” or “muted” in a project, querying certain track or global settings and even making changes to them quickly as well. The Flogic Add-On while being free themselves, requires a copy of Keyboard Maestro, Which is a popular 3rd party Mac app for creating custom key commands, macros and otherwise speeding up frequent and common task via the keyboard. And while you can use Flogic with the free trial of Keyboard Maestro, you will eventually want to get a licensed copy to continue using Flogic after the trial runs out. Follow the instructions found in the “Read Me” on the Flogic GitHub page to get things installed and set up.

Installing the Flogic Add-On

Visit the Flogic page on GitHub and review the “Read Me”. The “Read Me” is at a heading level 3 so you can navigate to it quickly. When ready to download the Flogic add-on for logic find the “Clone or Download collapsed summery” and VO+Space on it to expand it, then navigate down to the “Download Zip” option and VO+Space on that to start the download. Installation instructions for both Flogic and the required Keyboard Maestro are found in the “Read Me”. Follow those instructions to get things installed and set up.