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On Discord, you have fine control over which notifications you’d like to receive or mute. By default, all notifications are enabled, meaning that you’re notified about every post in the channels you have access to on all servers you’re a member of. If you find that’s too much, you can control them on a server level, a category level, or even a channel level. For scheduled events, you can choose whether you’d like notifications about them as well. This means that you will only be notified about the events or discussions that interest you and don’t have to feel like you’re being overloaded with unwanted information. Here are some details about how they work and where to set them with a screen reader.

Server Level

These notifications settings apply to the server as a whole, affecting all channels and categories.


Make sure QuickNav is off for all of these things to work correctly. If on macOS Sonoma, you may need to disable single letter quick nav with VO Q.
Once you’re on the server, press VO Home to go to the beginning of the window, then VO right until you here “server actions, collapsed.” VO Space on that and a menu will pop up.
Use your up or down arrow keys till you hear “notifications settings and press enter. You’ll then be presented with a series of notification options that you can customize to your liking.

Via Mobile

Look for the server name at the top of your screen, double tap and hold then find “notifications” in the context menu that appears. Double tap on it then swipe through the options to set them accordingly.

Category Level and Channel Level

Category notification settings apply to all channels within a given category. Channel notifications apply to the selected channel only.

Via Mac

The process for controlling notifications for categories and channels is exactly the same. Find the category or channel you want to control notifications for, then press VO Shift M to access the context menu. Down arrow till you hear “notification settings all messages, expanded.” Then press VO Right to go through the notification settings for that category and VO Space on the one you want.

If you want to mute the category or channel for only a specific amount of time, you can do that too. In the same context menu found through VO Shift M, down arrow till you hear “mute category, expanded.” VO right will take you through the different durations that you can mute the category for. . VO space on your selection.

Also, if you have a text channel open, you may notice that at the beginning of the channel, there are several actions relating to the channel including “notification settings”. You can VO Space on that to adjust them there as well.

Via Mobile

Find the category or channel you want to adjust notifications for, then double tap and hold. Find “notifications” in the menu that appears then double tap to adjust accordingly.


When an event is created (such as the members only Q&A), you can get notified when it starts.

Via Mac

At the beginning of the channel list you’ll see the number of events that are scheduled. VO Space on that to see details of the event.
If you want notifications for the event, VO Right until you find a button that says “interested” and VO Space on it.

Via Mobile

When an event is created, you will see “event” at the top just before the list of channels. Double tap and you can view details of the event plus turn on notifications by selecting “interested.”

Hopefully this guide helped you understand all the notification options that are available to you as well as set them to your liking.