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Delete And Move: The 1 Key Command Needed To Delete A Section Without Leaving Silence In Logic Pro Using VoiceOver

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Are you using Apple’s Logic Pro as a blind user and want to delete a section of audio and not leave a gap or blank space? Known as a ripple edit in Reaper or shuffle mode in Pro Tools, this screen reader friendly tutorial explains how with one key command you can delete the selected region and have what follows it move in to fill in the empty space in Logic with speech.
The example in the tutorial is based around having an audio region that has been repeated. The goal here is to get it to playback seamlessly like a perfect loop. The problem here however, is that there is a fade out at the end. This measure or so where the audio fades out breaks the flow and as a result the playback isn’t seemless.
The trick here is to then split the region where the fade out starts, and since splitting the region selects what’s to the right of the playhead; we now have the section with the fade out selected. If we now execute the Delete And Move Key command, (Shift Delete) we’ll not only delete the offending region, but the region following it will slide in so there is no blank space. Now when we back up and play you will hear that the audio continues seamlessly as if its a proper loop.
You may also hear that in this example, there is a bit of a click where the fade out was split and deleted. To see how to cross fade and eliminate that click visit CrossFading In Logic Pro With

Also remember you will need to have the Logic Keyboard Ninja Key Commands File installed to use this Delete AndMove key command.