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Q&A #16 – Best Time To Buy Komplete Kontrol, Pros & Cons Of Control Surfaces Take Folder + With MIDI

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Remember you can find a playlist of all the Q&A’s for members here:

Time Stamps/Chapter Markers
0:00 – Cutting/pasting or moving regions. See the working & Understanding Regions Playlist for tutorials that go in depth on this.
3:55 – Accessible Software Instruments & Komplete Kontrol Arturia, etc.
9:13 – saving track as patches And using them in future projects. Also see this explanation of Patches vs Channel Strip Settings Vs Plug In Settings.
18:01 – Takes, Take Folder And Best Practices for using them
29:54 – accessibility of Komplete Kontrol Mark III Keyboards (information curate as of the date of this recording)
33:25 – When To Buy Komplete Kontrol Hardware and Software,
35:29 – What is Komplete Now? How does it Compare to Komplete Standard/Ultimate etc And Whether or not it needs to be on an external drive.
47:47 – how difficult is it to change location of libraries for your Komplete Kontrol collection.
49:00 – Difference between Sampler And A Synthesizer?
52:39 – is there a tutorial on developing a workflow?
53:52 – course level
56:42 – how to insert tracks in between tracks
58:09 – How To recognize TrackStacks in your project.
59:43 – Why are the electronic Drums in Track Stacks?
1:01:03 – info about my setup
1:03:26 – Control Surfaces And their Pros/Cons.
1:05:38 – Limitations of Komplete Kontrol as A Control Surface VS Softube’s Console 1
1:12:03 – Issues Renaming a Track.
1:15:41 – Folder Stack vs summing Stack and converting or changing a Folder stack to A Summing Stack.
1:23:07 – crossfading & Crossfade between takes and working with take folders
1:41:37 – Do takes apply to midi?
1:42:25 – Fixing MIDI Notes And Quantize Options
1:44:11 – selecting tracks And Or Regions…