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QuickTip: How to Share Your Logic Pro Project Using VoiceOver

Posted in GarageBand, and Logic

If you’d like to share your project with another Logic Pro user and you are blind using VoiceOver on MacOS, this QuickTip tutorial explains all.
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While you can copy the logic project into your dropbox or iCloud Drive and share it with a link that way, an easier method is by using the share option found in Logic under the File menu. In this example we use File menu > Share > Mail to send the project to another person by email. you will be given the option to use maildrop when sending it So it shouldn’t bounce back for being too large of an attachment. Best of all this method lets you share the project as an aac file in case you just need to send it to someone who just needs to listen to it.
If you would like to see how to Export or Bounce a project to a wav, mp3, arc or other formats check out this tutorial.