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Searching for Free Sounds to Use in Logic or With its Samplers – Check Out This Ultimate Collection of Drum Kits

Posted in GarageBand, Logic, and Resources

If you are on the hunt for some quality sounds to use in your Logic productions, then Bedroom Producers Blog has got the post for you. Their “Free Drum Kits – The Ultimate Collection 2021” post has a list of six different Libraries that maybe worth your time. Whether you are looking for loops to manipulate and edit in Logic’s arrangement window or one shot samples of acoustic and electronic drum kits to trigger in the Sampler or QuickSampler, there is plenty on offer here to get you creating. You can even chop up the loops and import them into the Sampler and play it across multiple keys or just use the Sampler’s transient marker option and let the Sampler chop it up for you.
So whether you are looking for something new to get the creative juices flowing, or some sounds to complement the wealth of sounds already found in Logic, go grab some or all of these libraries and make some music. And tag LogicBand on Twitter or Facebook, and show off what you made.