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A Quick Way into the Library For Blind Users And Is Record Enable Status With VoiceOver Finally Fixed?

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Continuing the look at what’s new in Apple’s Logic Pro 10.7.5 for VoiceOver Warriors, we will look at the record enable functionality now working more reliably and a quick way for Keyboard Ninjas to get into the Library from the Tracks Headers or other parts of the Logic Interface.
If you haven’t updated to the new version of Logic yet, then be sure to back up the current version first.
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The first thing we’ll cover is that Record Enable State now speaks reliably with VoiceOver. When you press Control R to record enable an audio track, it will now speak the status of the record enable toggle reliably. Also if you interact with the track header and look at the record enable check box, it now also reliably speaks with VoiceOver.
While Logic will automatically record to the selected track without the user having to record enable it first, it still can be useful at times, and in cases where one is recording to more than one track simultaneously, it is necessary to “Record Enable” the tracks you want to record on first.
This record enable status being announced by VoiceOver isn’t as reliable when pressing Control R on a software instrument (or MIDI) track, but the checkbox in the track header on Software Instruments/MIDI tracks still seems to speak reliably. Alternatively, one can use track stacks or set each Software instrument track to only respond to a set MIDI Keyboard or MIDI channel as an option if you need to record to multiple MIDI tracks at once.
Next up, there is now a new key command to jump right to the search field in the Library. As a VoiceOver user I believe this also doubles as a quick way to jump directly to the library from wherever you are in the Logic interface. And of course new key command means a new version of the LogicKeyboardNinja key. Commands file, so you will need to install the latest version to follow along.
Shift Y is the new key command in this case, so while Y shows or hides the Library, Shift Y will put you right into the search field in the Library. The best part is even if the Library is currently hidden, it will open the Library and put the keyboard focus in the search field, hence why I believe this is also a quick way to get into the library even if you don’t intend to search for something.
The caveat here is that it puts your keyboard focus in the Library, but I find at times, your VOiceOver focus may not follow it there. In these cases you can use VO Shift F4 to move the VoiceOver Focus to where the keyboard focus is. Once you find what you are looking for, you can use VO J to move through the interface back to the Track headers. If the keyboard focus is stuck in the library and doesn’t follow you back to the track headers, use VO Command F4 to move the keyboard focus to where VoiceOver’s focus is. This shortcoming aside, this looks to be a pretty handy feature as far as workflow goes.
Next up, we’ll add a new track to the project and use the Search Patch feature to add a bass track to the project and we’ll check out the new Free Tempo Recording feature. If you want to go in depth with any of the new features in Logic Pro or to cover anything else in Logic, VOiceOver MacOS and or GarageBand, then book some one on one training.