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FAQS & Logic #1 – Record WithOut the Metronome and Find the Tempo – Stereo Out Vs Master Plus More!

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Ever wondered how to change the tone or pattern of the metronome? What about recording without it and finding the tempo after? These are just two of the questions answered in this inaugural episode of FAQS & Logic; the series answering your frequently asked questions about Logic, VoiceOver, MacOS and GarageBand. Got a question you want answered on a future episode, drop me a line with it.
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The first question has to do with using two different control surfaces at the same time. In addition to explaining the difference between a MIDI controller and surfaces, I suggested checking out this article for more on using two surfaces at once.
The second question is regarding recording with out a click track and having Logic figure out the tempo after. The tutorial demonstrates how to use the adopt tempo feature in Logic to get started with this. This is scratching the surface and more than we can cover in an FAQ tutorial, so book some one on one training if you would love to deep dive on this.
The third question is about splitting to delete regions before doing a punch in. There are a couple different ways one could solve this problem, from using replace mode, usual editing techniques to working with locators, which are all discussed.
Next up, with the fourth question, we talk about changing the pitch/tone of the metronome (done in record menu > metronome settings) or the pattern of the metronome, done by changing the time signature.
And last but not least, if you’ve been wondering about why there is a stereo output and a Master channel strip in the Logic mixer, then you are in luck as it’s the last thing covered in the Q&A.
Did these answer some questions you also had? Have any follow up questions or other questions you’d love to see answered? Then send an e-mail with it and it may just make the next episode of FAQS & Logic.