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Category: FAQS & Logic

FAQS & Logic #4 – Control Surface, Komplete Kontrol, Importing A Pro Tools Project & Vocal Editing

If you are considering a control surface or a Komplete Kontrol keyboard, then this edition of FAQs And Logic may answer some of your burning…

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FAQS & Logic #3 – Normalizing, Reference Tracks and More Plus An Update On Changing Plugin Parameters

Curious about Flex Pitch?, Want to see a quick way to change the tempo? Curious about how to use a reference track? These are just…

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FAQS & Logic #2 – Changing the Metronome Sounds, Using Multiple MIDI Keyboards Plus More!

Want to change the sound of the metronome? Is there a faster way to change plug in parameters other than VO and arrow keys? Can…

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FAQS & Logic #1 – Record WithOut the Metronome and Find the Tempo – Stereo Out Vs Master Plus More!

Ever wondered how to change the tone or pattern of the metronome? What about recording without it and finding the tempo after? These are just…

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