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FAQS & Logic #6 – Tuning Vocals With A MIDI Keyboard, Automate Transposing, Moving Regions, + More

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Are the wav or mp3 files etc you bounce out of Logic Pro quiet? Want to know how to change the tempo of a Loop or any other Audio File? New To Logic and want to know the different ways to work with regions? This episode of FAQs & Logic will cover this plus how to tune vocals using a MIDI keyboard to play in the right notes and how to Automate transposing regions. So if you want to see how to do all of these things using VoiceOver, the screen reader built into MacOS, then this is the tutorial for you.
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Question 1 [0:46]

ไทยแท้ Records asked:
I want to know what we can do to move or rout regions using the keyboard to move forward and backward compared to people who use a mouse.

Answer 1:

We have a number of options for moving regions and this tutorial covers Copying (Command C), Cutting (Command X), pasting (Command V), Shuffling (Option Left or Right Brackets) and Move Region To Playhead (semi colon), all while showing how to move to the next and previous regions with the left and right arrows and seeing where they start and end with Control Home and End.

Question 2 (7:55):

Pavlo The Producer Asked:
Can you make a tutorial on how to change the tempo of a loop or an audio file. For example I downloaded a sample pack and want to change the tempo of a sample but don’t know how to accurately do this with voiceover. Could really do with your help. Thanks!

Answer 2:

To see how to figure out the tempo for a loop you imported into Logic if the tempo is unknown, check out FL 5 Question 5
Once the loop and the project is set to the same tempo, you can turn on flex time for the audio track. Once Flextime is on and the appropriate algorithm is selected, you can then change the tempo and the loop will follow the project tempo.
To see how to add silence to the end of a region, check out this tutorial

Question 3 (11:20):

لمسات زيادية Ziadish touch n asked:
can you demonstrate how to use pitch correction with midi in Waves Tune Real Time?

Answer 3:

This requires Loading Waves Tune Real Time on a Software Instrument track and setting it to receive MIDI Input. Once you do this, side chain it to the vocal track and you are now ready to play in your pitch correction changes. Don’t forget to mute the vocal track or you will hear the corrected and uncorrected vocal. Check out an alternative way to pitch correct vocals with no plug ins in FL 5 Question 4
If you are looking for a tutorial on Flex Pitch in Logic with Voiceover, check out this tutorial. You can also use Auto-Tune.](pitch-correcting-vocals-using-auto-tune-to-play-in-the-correct-notes-with-a-midi-keyboard)

Question 4 (25:06):

tamer nour Asked:
I have a problem. In the mix, I change the volume and it actually changes, but when I output the file in WAV format, I find the sound is low in the music program. Is there a solution?

Answer 4:

This has to do with normalize not being on when bouncing out the track. If you are mixing/mastering the project and have a limiter at the end of the master or stereo output track, then you won’t need to use normalize. However, if you aren’t using a Limiter, then normalizing is the way to get it Loud enough when exporting the project to wav, mp3, AAC, etc.

Question 5 (27:42):

tamer nour Asked:
Is there a way to automate transpose or FlexPitch?
thank you

Answer 5:

You can’t automate this, but there is no reason to automate transposing as it’s a region based action. TO have a different transpose setting for different parts of the song, split the section into its own region. Select the region and set it to the transpose value you want. You can use Option up or down to transpose by semi tone, or option shift up an down to transpose by octave. You can also use the transpose and/or fine tune sliders in the inspector as well. To Transpose multiple regions, you can select them all and transpose them at once. You can select all the regions across all the tracks in the project with Locators. Set the left and right Locator, then use Shift L to select all between the locators and then Command Control T to split everything between the locators into their own region. You can now transpose all those regions at once. You may want to turn on no transpose for any drum tracks in the project before doing this however, since you don’t want the drums to transpose. That option can be found in the track inspector. Logic stock drums already have this turned on.