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FAQS & Logic #2 – Changing the Metronome Sounds, Using Multiple MIDI Keyboards Plus More!

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Want to change the sound of the metronome? Is there a faster way to change plug in parameters other than VO and arrow keys? Can you have two MIDI controllers assigned to two different tracks? These are just some of the questions answered in the second episode of FAQS & Logic; the series answering your frequently asked questions about Logic, VoiceOver, MacOS and GarageBand. Got a question you want answered on a future episode, drop me a line with it.
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The first question centers around using external sounds for the metronome. I believe this is possible if you first built a sampler instrument and set that as the source for the metronome.
So how do you set that as the source for the metronome? Well question 2 leads us into that. Question 2 wants to know about using Drum Kit Designer as the metronome, so one can use a kick, and/or snare etc. in place of a click when recording. The process explored in the tutorial shows the process for swapping out the usual metronome source for drum kit designer. To follow up on question 1, it should be possible to follow a similar process to select the sampler and then choose the sampler instrument you created to use as the metronome.
Question 3 is about the levels of audio files when you export all tracks or bounce a project, and why they are quieter than they seemed when playing back the project in Logic. This most likely has to do with after the export or bounce you are hearing the tracks at their actual volume before the channel fader or before you turned up your audio interface’s volume to compensate.
Question 4 wanted to know how to take advantage of having two different MIDI keyboard controllers by using them to play a separate instrument with each. The answer to this relies in changing the MIDI in port in the track inspector and is a new feature introduced in Logic Pro 10.7. If you aren’t on the latest version of logic, this can still be done, but will require a lot more steps.
And finally question 5 is asking if we have other alternatives for adjusting plug in parameters. If you have used any of the stock Logic plug ins, then you are aware that VO and the arrow keys moves you in large increments, and VO, Shift and Arrow Keys move you in small increments. However, in a lot of third party plug ins, VO and Arrow Keys move in very small increments and VO, Shift and Arrow Keys pretty much bring you to a standstill. Unfortunately there really isn’t much of a way around this, (though some may argue that changing the keyboard repeat rate in keyboard system preferences may make it go a little faster). A brand of third party plug ins I do like is from Plug In Alliance. There plug ins’ work similar to logic’s, in that the parameters move in a similar manner to the stock ones, and the presets are found in the same place in the plug in window.
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