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FAQS & Logic #3 – Normalizing, Reference Tracks and More Plus An Update On Changing Plugin Parameters

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Curious about Flex Pitch?, Want to see a quick way to change the tempo? Curious about how to use a reference track? These are just some of the questions answered in the third episode of FAQS & Logic; the series answering your frequently asked questions about Logic, VoiceOver, MacOS and GarageBand. This time out there is also a new segment called FAQ Check! Got a question you want answered on a future episode, drop me a line with it.
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Question 1:

ไทยแท้ Records asked:
Can we access the flex pitch function in logic? thank you very much.
This tutorial done by Chi Kim, the person who brought us VOCR and Virtual Extended Keyboard among other tools, explains how it’s done.

Question 2:

Ashley asked:
Is there a shortcut way to increase and decrease the BPM of the metronome? Cheers.
No key command to increase or decrease the metronome, but you can get to the tempo slider quickly by using item chooser, for which the key command is VO I. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Question 3:

Paul Asked:
how do you normalize the level of 1 track or a selection of tracks from within the project without bouncing?
You can select all the tracks/regions you would like to normalize and press Control Option G, (Remember if you are still using control and option as your VoiceOver Keys, you will need to use control Option Tab to pass through the commands to Logic first). In the resulting dialog you can normalize to a peak or loudness (LUFS) value of your choosing. This is a great hack to gain stage tracks quickly as well. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Question 4:

Paul Asked:
how do you use a reference mix in a project. Thanks
I import the track I am using to reference, and Mute it. This way when I Solo it, the reference track plays and the rest of the project is muted. Check out the tutorial to see the steps needed to set this up properly and a brief explanation of what a reference track is and why to use one.

Question 4:

Aidan asked:
What is the audio tale option found in the bounce dialog?
This option allows any reverbs, delays etc to not be cut off prematurely when bouncing out a project. The tutorial has an audio example to show the difference of when the box is unchecked vs checked.

FAQ Check!

This time out its a follow up on how to adjust Plug in parameters. Thanks to
Rainer for reaching out to me and reminding me of this option. This seems to work for me in a lot of third party plug ins that move in small increments.
1. interact with the group of the desired parameter for example threshold
2. VO right arrow over to the parameter slider
4. type in the desired value (for example -12 or -15.5!
5. press Return key.

This also seems to work in Logic Stock Plug ins, but it will only go to the closest value that the knob or slider would go to. So for example if a knob goes from 58 to 61 when adjusting with VO Shift Right arrow. If you use the above steps to type in 60 it will change to 61 when you press return as 61 is the closest value the parameter has to what you type in.

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