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Everything You Ever Wanted TO know About Komplete Kontrol For Blind Logic Pro Users With Andre Louis

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What is Komplete Kontrol and how can screen reader users use it? Find
out in this conversation with Andre Louis, where we talk
about how to get NativeInstruments Komplete Kontrol up and running
for blind and visually impaired users. We also discuss computer
requirements for audio, some of his favorite sounds (both free and
paid) and more. See the chapter list for all topics covered.
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Topics Discussed

0:00 – Intro
4:47 – Criticisms of Komplete Kontrol
7:34 – SoundWide: Native Instruments New Parent Company and Free Plug Ins
11:10 – What Is Komplete Kontrol And How does it Work?
14:48 – Setting Up Komplete Kontrol
19:06 – The Best Time to Upgrade to A new Version Of Komplete Kontrol
20:30 – What’s the difference between A series and S series Keyboards?
27:12 – The Keyboards in Use
33:45 – NKS and importing 3rd party Libraries and Plug Ins.
50:54 – Favorite Sounds
53:53 – Contact and the difference between Contact player Libraries
and Contact Libraries
56:27 – Inexpensive Libraries
1:02:51 – Tips for getting deals on more expensive libraries and
Dealing with Libraries with Thousands of Presets
1:07:37 – More expensive and Pro Libraries
1:25:31 – Quick final recommendations.
1:27:18 – Difference between sample libraries and Modelled Libraries
1:28:33 – Another Piano recommendation
1:31:24 – How Much Ram And Storage should I get when buying a computer
for Audio? Internal or External Drives and Backup!
1:36:51 – Brief Discussion of Licensing Schemes.
1:37:57 – Outro

All Music used by Andre Louis

Andre’s Youtube Channel

Sound Wide Free Plug ins, (Good until April 26 2022).

Andre’s Komplete Kontrol Playlist

Andre’s Inspired By Sound Playlist

Freelance Sound Labs to purchase 3rd party NKS files.

Native Instruments Forums

Komplete Kontrol Dropbox folder

Able Artist

Free Libraries Worth a Look
Spitfire Labs

Andre Spitfire Percussions Demo

Heavyocity Foundations – Piano


Andre’s Demo of Heavyocity Foundations – Piano

Neo SoundStation

Andre’s Demo Of Neo SoundStation

(Kevin Reeves Demo

Andre’s Demo of Spitfire Originals Abe Laboriel JR Drums

Pro Libraries
Spitfire Audio

Addictive drums

FAQs & Logic 3 How to change plug in parameters

Key scape



Embertone Walker1955 Piano

Project Sam

Andre’s Demo of Embertone Walker 1955 Piano + ProjectSAM Orchestral
Essentials 1 Strings

Try BackBlaze And Back Up Your Entire Computer And External Drives
Decide to check out Waves Plug Ins?

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