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FAQS & Logic #4 – Control Surface, Komplete Kontrol, Importing A Pro Tools Project & Vocal Editing

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If you are considering a control surface or a Komplete Kontrol keyboard, then this edition of FAQs And Logic may answer some of your burning questions. In addition to those topics we’ll talk about the best way to export projects for importing into pro tools or Vice Versa and vocal editing.
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Question 1

Blind Joe Asked:
Is there a specific control surface you recommend? Thanks again for the great content!

Answer 1:

The Behringer X-Touch remains my pick for a control surface if you are a Logic User. More Speciffically the X-Touch Universal, not the X-Touch Compact or Mini. The PreSonus FaderPort 8 or Avid S1 are also good alternatives, but if you aren’t a Pro Tools user who is using both Pro Tools and Logic, the X-Touch is the best value for features provided in Logic. However, before you run out and buy one, check out my full answer, as I also explain why a control surface may not be the workflow enhancer you think it may be for blind users.

Question 2:

Jess Asked:
During the Everything You Ever Wanted TO Know About Komplete Kontrol conversation, you mentioned the keyboard having different modes, and the parameters changing, depending on what mode the keyboard is in. What are the different modes? Thank you so much for doing the video on Komplete Kontrol.

Answer 2:

Well the modes are browse, which allows you to browse to any installed Software Instrument you have installed that is NKS compliant, and the knobs will allow you to adjust the parameters of the instrument once it’s selected. The second mode is the Plug in Mode, and that will let you load plug ins and adjust their parameters. The third option is track Mode and this option allows you to navigate through the project in the DAW.

Question 3:

Mikey Asked:
I was looking into the native Instruments Komplete Kontrol s61 mk2 Keyboard.
What would you say the best NI Keyboard is?

Answer 3:

The best keyboard will depend on your budget and the number of Keys you feel comfortable with. The A series is available in 25, 49 and 61 keys along with the M32 which is 32 keys. The S series includes a 49, 61 and 88 key option. The S series being more expensive will certainly have an improved playing experience, however the A series aren’t unplayable and isn’t your typical inexpensive MIDI keyboard playing experience. Both A and S series keyboards have all the same accessibility features and allow you the same access to any NKS compliant instrument. One difference to note is the S series keyboards do allow you to browse Instruments that support it by banks which the A series does not allow for.

Question 4:

David Asked
How to clean up your vocal tracks, for example Areas where you are not singing to keep the noise level down.

Answer 4:

This process involves selecting and splitting regions, in addition to being able to navigate your Logic Projects in large and small increments. You can use comma and period to move through the project by bar, or Control Command Comma and Period to navigate by Division Value. Another option is to play the project and then pause it with the period on the NumPad and then you can hold down Period and Comma to scrub back or forward through the project.
Once you navigate to where the noise starts you can split with Command T and then you will need to also split the region again where the noise ends. Once you have the noisy part isolated as it’s own region you can delete it. See the detailed explanation in the tutorial and see this blog post for more details on the different ways to move the playhead through a project in Logic Pro.

Question 5:

Ujjwal asked:
How to add a project in logic from any daw? for example, a Pro Tools project that I have on my hard drive. How can I add this in logic as a whole session?

Answer 5:

The simplest option for exporting projects from one DAW to import into another DAW is to Export all tracks in the project as their own individual tracks. Once you have each track as a wav file, you can compress or zip the folder containing the files and share it with the other person. The one who receives a zip file like this can simply unzip it, select all the files in that folder, and then paste them into a new blank Logic session. It’s good to know the Tempo of the project as well. Most will usually include this in the file name.
Another option is AAF and you can find the import AAF opt option under the file menu > import. Likewise an export AAF option is found under File Menu > Export. To export all tracks in your logic project to their own file, use the key command Command Shift E to start the process.