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Is This One Of The Most Accessible Guitar Amp Sims? A Detailed Overview of the Parameters And Checking Out the Sounds of Amplion 2 Rock Essentials from Audified!

Posted in effects, GarageBand, and Logic

Are you a blind guitar player, Looking for a robust amp rig to use in your DAW? if so, Amplion 2 Rock Essentials is worth a look. In addition to being quite accessible in Apple Logic Pro (and other DAW’s) with VoiceOver, It features 3 Classic amps and plenty of effects to help you build the guitar tone in your head for the track you are working on.
Another reason to highlight Audified here is due to their commitment to accessibility where they offer discounts and an opportunity to share your story as well.
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To cover Amplion 2 in depth, this time out things are split up into two tutorials. The first one Covers the Features and parameters in detail, explaining what they are, or what physical piece of gear is being emulated. There is also time stamps so you can jump to the parts you are most curious about.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:56 – Instantiating the Plug in and Some of it’s Cool Unique Features
4:32 – Plug In Parameters (Bypass and Input/Output levels)
5:18 – Double Track Simulator, Noise Gate And Hiss Gate
7:36 – Pedals/Effects in Front of the Amp
11:22 – Effects After the Amp
13:03 – Speaker Cabs
17:53 – Amps!
22:25 – Outro

Part 2 shows off Amplion 2 in action on a song in Logic Pro. There is a walk through of which amps and effects were used and how the parameters were set. Also there is a comparison of the Plug in’s automatic doubling setting being compared to having recorded two different guitar tracks.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Clean sounds
1:59 – Clean Amp 1
5:25 – Clean Amp 1 Cab
7:30 – Pedals In Front of Clean Amp 1
11:08 – Effects after Clean Amp 1
14:24 – Clean Sound 2 Intro
15:17 – Clean Amp 2
17:54 – Clean Amp 2 Cab
18:48 – Pedals in front of Clean Amp 2
19:43 – Effects After Clean Amp 2
22:59 – Distorted Guitar Intro
23:16 – Distorted Amp
25:26 – Distorted Amp Cab
27:13 – Pedals in Front of Distorted Amp
28:25 – Effects After Distorted Amp
28:47 – Distorted Guitar 2
29:58 – Real Double Track Guitars Vs the Plug in’s Double Track Simulator
30:48 – Final Thoughts