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Posted in GarageBand, Logic, Resources, and VoiceOver And MacOS

Work on a laptop and would like to access Logic key commands for things like markers, pausing etc? One option is re-mapping all those key commands to work on the non number pad side of the keyboard, or you could use Flo Num Pad to remap them on the fly as needed. This screen reader friendly tutorial explains how it all works in Logic Pro using Voiceover, the built in screen reader on MacOS for the blind and visually impaired.
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Download Flo Num Pad, or grab it from the Flo Tools Download Page.
Check out the Flo Mouse Tutorial to see Flo Num Pad’s partner in action or to see how to install them both.
For these to work you will need a copy of Keyboard Maestro. Check out this tutorial to see how to install import macros that don’t have an installer.