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QuickTip: Repeating Regions – A Handy Tool when Building A Track – Here’s How With VoiceOver!

Posted in Logic, and QuickTip

Starting a new track in Logic and want to get that drum beat you started with to repeat for the entire project? Wish you could quickly get a 4 bar region to play once or twice more? This tutorial shows off the useful “repeat” and “repeat multiple” commands in Logic, which can save time over copying then pasting, and demonstrates how to do it with VoiceOver – the screen reader for the blind or visually impaired built into MacOS.
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For More on Repeating, check out Cycle, Looping and Repeating, as it covers the differences between the three different options Logic offers. There is also a tutorial on trimming, repeating, and crossfading, and on selecting regions. Also if you want to repeat all the tracks in the project, check out this tutorial.