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Edit Your MIDI quickly With The Piano Roll in Logic – Here’s How With VoiceOver!

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If you have been curious about the Piano Roll in Logic Pro as a blind or visually impaired producer, this screen reader tutorial gets you up to speed quickly with what can be a fast workflow for editing your MIDI events. As always if you enjoy content like this, subscribe to the mailing list if you haven’t yet to be notified when new tutorials are available, and consider supporting Logic.Band with a donation.

I prefer to use the event list most times over the piano roll as most everything is in one table. However for quickly editing or moving notes around, the piano roll can be effective. When working in the piano roll, The piano roll layout area is where you will want to be most times. It will have all the notes in the selected region laid out from left to right.
To move to each note and select it, use left and right arrow. Use VO Left and right arrows if you want to hear VoiceOver announce each note and its position in the time line of the project as well.
Once you have a note selected, you can delete it. Use FN delete if using LogicKeyboardNinja key commands so you don’t loose focus after deleting.
It’s also possible to transpose a note with option up or down or transpose an octave with option shift up and down.
You can move the start and end point of a note by first moving the playhead where you want the note to start or end and then pressing control home or end, or press semi colon to move the selected note to the playhead.
The piano roll inspector has some additional features like adjusting the velocity and quantize value for the selected note as well.

That overview with the Piano Roll should get you started editing your MIDI notes in Logic Pro using this method. If this helps your creation process in Logic Pro, tag Logic.Band on Facebook or twitter and show off what you’ve been working on. Also, if you want to dive deeper into working with MIDI or any other topic relating to Logic, VoiceOver, and or MacOS, then book a one on one training session and lets work together.