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Ever Wondered How to do those Snare or Hi-Hat Rolls? Intro to Logic’s Note Repeater with VoiceOver!

Posted in effects, and Logic

Curious about how to get those snare and hi-hat rolls heard in various styles of electronic music as a blind or visually impaired producer in Apple’s Logic Pro? This Screen Reader friendly tutorial explains how you can quickly add the Note Repeater to a track and get to work. This is a sneak peak of a course on making beats in Logic Pro so subscribe to the mailing list if you haven’t already to be notified when its available. You’ll even get a free “Getting Started With Logic” course just for signing up!

Once you have an appropriate software instrument track selected in Logic (in this case one of the electronic drum kits is being used), you can quickly add the note repeater to a track with its key command Control Option Return. Be aware, if you don’t have VoiceOver set to use Caps Lock only, you will need to issue the VoiceOver pass through command Control Option TAB before being able to issue the note repeater key command.
The tutorial goes on to demonstrate how you can change the rate, and whatever key you press and hold will then trigger that sound at the timing specified by the rate until you let go. Slower times like a quarter or eighth note are useful for laying in snare, kick or hi-hat patterns. Faster times like a sixteenth or thirty second note are useful for doing those rolls common in genres of hip hop and electronic music.
To see how you can do more with the Note Repeater and use the Pitch or Mod Wheels to control or perform with the note repeater, check out this member’s tutorial. This isn’t limited to your MIDI keyboard, but can also be done using the musical typing keyboard.
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And if you want to go deeper on the Note Repeater, or any other aspect of music making in Logic Pro, then consider booking a one on one session, or sign up to the mailing list so you can see when the course is available.