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Recorded Your MIDI Drums on Multiple Tracks? Here’s how to Merge 2 or More MIDI Tracks into One

Posted in Logic

Ever created multiple drum tracks while laying down the groove? One for kick and snare, another for the hats and cymbals and another for fills and rolls? What do you do when the drums are done but you want it all on one track to keep the project neat and organized? This screen reader friendly tutorial takes you through the steps to combine all those MIDI tracks into one.

However, some may be confused and ask, “wouldn’t you want each part of the kit on it’s own track for mixing?” Yes, however in Logic, the electronic drums or the producer kit versions of the acoustic drums are track stacks. This means you can expand the track stack to see the individual kit pieces (kick, snare, hi-hat etc), to process them individually, but then collapse the track stack to hide all the individual kit pieces and have all the drums neatly on one track as well. And if you would like to expand your knowledge of Logic with a free course among other future exclusive content, then subscribe to the mailing list if you haven’t already. You’ll also be the first to know about new tutorials or when the LogicKeyboardNinja key commands are updated.

So how does one go about merging two tracks into one. Well first technically what we’ll be doing is merging two regions into one. In the tutorial we’ll take the track that has the hats on it and combine it with the track that has the kick and snare pattern. If there are multiple regions on either track, you may first want to join them into one region. To do this, you can move off the track and then back on to it and then press Command J.
Then on the hi-hat track, we’ll now need to copy all the MIDI events over to the track with the kicks and snares. We’ll do this by selecting the region on the hi-hat track and then opening the event list and copying all the events. You will also want to make sure that the playhead is at the start of that region. Then navigate to the track you want to paste on, open the event list and paste the events copied in there.
This is one use case for wanting to merge two MIDI tracks into one, but if you’d like to go deeper into this or any other topic as it relates to Logic, VoiceOver and MacOS, then book a one on one session so we can tackle it together.
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