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Four steps to Add Silence TO The End Of A Region In Logic Pro With VoiceOver

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Are you Blind or Visually Impaired using Apple’s Logic Pro,, and want to extend a region That’s just short of a whole measure with silence, so when you loop or repeat it it always starts on the downbeat? This screen reader friendly tutorial explains how this can be accomplished using VoiceOver. Once again, you will want to have the LogicKeyboardNinja Key Commands file installed to follow along with this tutorial.
The first step will be identifying and selecting the region you will want to add the silence to. Next up is converting the region selection to a marquee selection with Command Shift BackSlash. Once this marquee selection has been made, you will then want to change the end of the selection to be at the measure where you would ideally like the region to end. Once you move the playhead to that measure, you can specify that measure as the end point of the selection with Command Right Bracket. Now Hit Command J to create a new region that includes the blank space or silence at the end.
Also see the marquee selection post on the blog for more on working with them, and if you would love a deeper dive into the many ways one can edit in Logic Pro, book a one on one training session. I’d love to show you some of the cool and creative ways we can edit in Logic.