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Changing the Default Channel Strip – How TO Set Your Own Defaults For New Tracks In Logic With VoiceOver

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If you have been using Apple’s Logic Pro for any amount of time, you know by now when you add a new software instrument track to the project the default is the classic electric Piano. This screen reader friendly tutorial explains how you can A) Reset it to a blank Track, B) Add any software synth to the track you want, C) Save any track as a patch once you set it up the way you like, D) How to set that track as your default so every time you create a new software instrument that track is what loads up, and Lastly what to do if you want an empty track to start with, all using VoiceOver, and the LogicKeyboardNinja Key Commands. .
We start with a project that already has an instance of Classic Electric Piano Loaded up, and first reset the channel strip to be a blank channel strip with nothing on it using the key command Command Option Return. This is useful as the classic electric Piano track in addition to having the instrument itself on it, also has some sends to Reverbs. However a lot of 3rd party soft synths may already have their own effects included as part of the instrument, so it’s quite useful to be able to blank out the track or channel strip before adding a3rd party software instrument to It.
Once you instantiate the Soft Synth you would like as well as any effects on the track and have it the way you want, the tutorial covers how to save it as a patch in the library for future use, via the “Save” button in the library. Once saved as a patch not only can you pull it up from the library whenever you want (it will be found under user patches), but you also can set it to be your default patch for a software instrument, via the “Tools” menu. The same menu gives you an option to revert back to the Logic default instead of your own.
The other thing covered in this tutorial is how to create a project with a blank track, and that’s done in the details group on the screen that asks you to choose a track type when creating a project. keep in mind, that a lot of these options, such as saving patches, and setting them to be default that are loaded when adding new tracks of that type to the project, applies to more than just software instrument tracks.
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