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Free Plug-Ins Better Than Your Daw – With Notes for VoiceOver Warriors

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The above is from the Musician On a Mission YouTube channel, and discusses a bunch of great plug-ins that are indeed better than some of the logic stock plug-ins, or just not available in logic. However, Instead of just linking to this video, I thought I’d put it on the blog here as I wanted to note a few things for the VoiceOver warriors.
Revival from Slate, seems to be a simple and effective way to add air/shimmer and thickness to your tracks. However, Slate’s stuff doesn’t have the most accessible track record and may require sighted assistance to load an instance into VMR before you can use it. Once this is done though, you should be able to save this as a plug-in preset, chhannel strip setting or patch in Logic’s library for recall in the future. On the other hand TDR Nova is a handy utility to have on hand for those times when you need a dynamic EQ.
Between the logic compressor, some of the distortion plug-ins, and the Phat FX, saturation may be the one tool Logic has covered quite well, but another flavor of saturation never hurts anyone, right?

The Isotope plug-ins, Vinyl, Imager, and Vocal Doubler, are hands down some of the best and most Natrual sounding plug-ins for their particular task, even over paid options from other companies, (though a friend keeps trying to convince me to check out Waves Abbey Road Vinyl). Of course this is due to in the case of Imager and Vocal Doubler,being simplified single plug-in versions of tools found in their full featured multi-fx mastering suites Ozone and their vocal processing suite Nectar” respectively.
Regarding the metering plug-ins Span,,the Accessible Peak Meter is the best bet for VoiceOver users. It has been updated in recent years to do a bit more than the first version and is definitely worth a look as far as accessible metering goes. However Voxengo, like a lot of the other companies discussed here has some other free plug-ins worth a look. That being said, I need to see how accessible the HoRNet VU Meter is if it will help gain stage a mix that quickly. Definitely something to have loaded in your mix template if it does. It doesn’t appear to have a free trial, but its around $6, with a refund within 15 days if it doesn’t work for you.
Not sure on the accessibility of MNotepad, but Logic Pro X does have a notes feature that will let you saves notes with a project. Though MNotepad does let you have the notes on each track.
Know of any other free plug-ins worth a look? Well then Follow us on twitter and or Facebook and drop a mention with a free plug in you want to share with the community.