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Get Realistic Drums on Your Next Song Using The Logic Drummer with VoiceOver

Posted in GarageBand, and Logic

Are you A Blind songwriter using Apple’s Logic Pro X and in need of some drums for your next project?, this tutorial covers how to use Drummer, the drum synth built into Logic, with VoiceOver, the built in screen reader on MacOS.
This is an excerpt from the “Producing A song in Logic Pro X with VoiceOver”, a free overview of creating a song from scratch found on the YouTube channel.

To add a new drummer track to the project you can use Command Option U. You can also select, split, copy, cut, paste, repeat, and trim drummer regions the same way you work with any other regions in Logic.
Also while this was used in the context of a rock song, Logic’s Drummer does work for electronic styles of music as well. When you have a drummer track in focus in the track headers, you can browse genres and appropriate “Drummers” for those Genres in the Library. In addition to the usual suspects of genres like Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop and R&B, there is also a category for percussion featuring stomps, claps, and even some Latin percussion.
This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what you can accomplish with Drummer. If you would love to dive even deeper, book some one on one training by visiting the training page.