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How TO Add An Aux to The Track Headers In Logic Pro With VoiceOver

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Ever wondered how to get your Aux into the track headers so you could Automate it, or even solo or mute it without having to jump into the Mixer? This screen reader friendly tutorial for blind users of Apple’s Logic Pro walks through the steps to put the Aux in with the rest of the tracks in the track headers using Voiceover.
This one is a quick tutorial focused around a single key command, that being Control T. Select the AUX track in the mixer, and when you press Control T it will show up in the Track Headers. Beware this will show up after the last track you were focused on before the Aux track. Also once in the track headers you can move the AUX track to be adjacent to any other track you would like by using the standard VO drag and drop Key commands (VO+Comma, and VO+Period). In fact this is how you can re-arrange the tracks in the track header, not just the AUX track.

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