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Introduction To AppleLoops – Getting Started With The Loop Browser Using VoiceOver

Posted in GarageBand, and Logic

If you are A Blind user of Apple’s Logic Pro X looking to take advantage of its massive loop library,, this tutorial covers how using VoiceOver, the built in screen reader on MacOS. Covering everything you need to know to get started including navigating the Loop Browser, Adding Loops to Your Project and Copying/Repeating the loop.
The tutorial starts with how to bring up the Loop Browser. You can do this with it’s key command O, or if that’s not working for some reason, navigate to and interact with the control bar and look for the loop browser button and VO space on it to bring up the loop browser.
The tutorial then continues with a walk through on navigating the Loop Browser and the different ways you can sort the variety of loops available. After that we’ll look at some of the options for previewing the loops.
Next up we’ll go through some of the loops and decide which ones we want to add to our project, and how we can manipulate them once they are in the project.
For more on working with loops once they are a region in your project, check out these tutorials on navigating, editing and (trimming]( as a keyboard user utilizing the LogicKeyboardNinja key commands. There is also this tutorial on Editing A Loop: Trimming, Repeating, Fading Out, and CrossFading Regions With VoiceOver.

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