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How To Add Multiple Tempo Changes To Your Song In Logic Pro Using VoiceOver for Blind Users

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Have you ever been curious about how to add a new Tempo to a project or how to have multiple tempos in one project? If so, this screen reader friendly tutorial shows all the steps to add tempo changes to your Logic Pro project using VoiceOver, the built in screen reader on MacOS.
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To insert a tempo change in your Logic project, your best bet is to first place the playhead where you would like that tempo change to happen. For example, If you want the tempo to change at bar 9 put the playhead there. Next you can bring up the Tempo List with Option shift T. Once you have the Tempo list up, you can VO Space on the “Create new Tempo Event” button To add a new tempo at the playhead position. Once you do this, you can press VO J to jump into the table that has the list of tempos. You can find the tempo slider and adjust it to set the new tempo for bar 9.
This tutorial also covers how to change or move where a tempo change occurs in addition to how to add multiple tempo changes to the same project. If you want to be meticulous you can use this for putting in a slow down at the end of a song, but for that, using a tempo curve from the tempo operations dialog would be the way to go.