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Logic Pro 10.7.5 For Blind Users With VoiceOver – New Sounds And New Feature – Nested Track Stacks!

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About a week ago now Apple dropped Logic Pro 10.7.5, and while that name may sound like a minor point update, some quite substantial new features were added. The first new feature poised to enhance workflows (not counting the fresh dose of creativity new sounds can provide), is that Track Stacks or more specifically Summing stacks can now be nested in side each other. So for example it’s now possible to group your left and right rhythm guitars into a Summing Stack and then put that inside your Guitars Summing Stack. You can now do that and we’ll cover how to get it done using VoiceOver.
If you haven’t updated to the new version of Logic yet, then be sure to back up the current version first.
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First up, we talk about the new sounds included in Logic Pro 10.7.5. Once you update to the latest version of Logic, you can go to Logic Menu > Sound Library > Download all available sounds to install the new sounds. Next up we’ll cover how to sort the library or Loop browser to show just the new sounds in case you want to explore them.
In the Library there are two new sound packs that consist of a lot of new electronic drum patches. In the Library, navigate to the all sounds pop up button and VO Space on it to reveal a list of all the available sound packs. Select Beat, Tape or Rhythms to sort the library to show just the patches included in those sound packs. Likewise, in the Loop Browser, navigate to the show all pop up button just after where it says “all sounds” to do the same.
Next up is Nested Track Stacks! This is a feature I have been wanting for a very long time now and am glad to finally have it available in Logic Pro. What this means is you can now have a Track Stack inside of another Track Stack. This is great for someone who wants to organize things a bit more than you usually can with Track Stacks. Let’s use drums as an example. You may have a Kick in and Out track, or a snare top and bottom track. Now inside your drums Track Stacks, You can have “a sub” Track Stacks for the 2 kick tracks and the same for the two snare tracks. You put these tracks in a Track Stack, or more specifically a Summing stack in this case. The same way you usually would, select the tracks and press the key command Command Shift G to put them in a Summing stack. There are some limitations with the current implementations though, at least in the way I would wish to use it, but that may not be an issue for you. Check out the tutorial to see what the limitations are.
So This is just the Start. Next we’ll look at other new features like ‘“Search Patch and “Free Tempo Recording” among others. Keep an eye on this space for those tutorials coming soon.
Also, remember you can book a one on one training session to go more in depth on how you can take advantage of this or any other Logic feature to enhance your workflow.