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How To Comp Takes In Logic With VoiceOver

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You may have noticed that by default Logic creates a take folder when you record over the same area of a track without undoing the previous recording first. You can use this to your advantage and Comp together a few different takes, and this tutorial will walk you through how.
This guide assumes you are using the Logic Keyboard Ninja Key Commands. You can find instructions on how to install them under the “Installing The Key Command File” heading on theGetting Started page. Also, find a full list of the keyboard ninja commands in the Key Commands List.

Once you have all your recordings done, you can use one of the many ways to navigate through the project or use the play and pause transport functions to move through the time line and decide where you would like to switch to a different take. Once at that spot you can split the region’s and choose different takes. Once you have all your active takes selected there is a discussion on all the ways you can work with those takes going forward from Copying or moving them to a new track, to flattening or Flatten and merging the takes on the track they are currently on.

Useful Key Commands

  • Play or Stop and Go to Last Locate Position * SpaceBar (plays and when space is pressed a second time playback is stopped and the playhead returns to the position it started playing from)
  • Pause Period (NumberPad)
  • Select Next Take or Comp * Shift Command DownArrow
  • Select Previous Take or Comp * Shift Command UpArrow
  • Un/disclose Take Folder * Option F (Toggles the take folder between collasped or expanded)
  • Flatten Take Folder/Cell Option Shift U (Deletes all takes except the active take)
  • Command Flatten and Merge Take Folder/Cell Option U (Deletes all takes except the active take and then joins all the active takes into one region)
  • Move Active Take or Comp to New Track Control Option N (removes the active take from the take folder and moves it to its own track)
  • Export Active Take or Comp to New Track Control Option Shift N (Copies the active take to a new track without removing it from the take folder)