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Importing Multiple Files to the same track And How to Navigate between regions on A Track

Posted in Logic


Ever Wanted to import multiple files to the same track in Apple’s Logic Pro? This tutorial shows how to do it along with a primer on how to navigate between regions on a track.
The Tutorial walks you through how to rename files in finder as a keyboard user and then demonstrates how one can simply copy files in the finder and then import them into Logic simply by pasting with Command v.
As part of the import process you can choose to import the files to separate tracks or have them all sequentially on the same track. If you want to have them sequentially on the same track, this is where renaming them in finder comes in handy as you can have them on the same track in the order you’d like automatically upon import.
Once the files are imported into Logic, the demonstration then turns to how one can use the left and right arrows to navigate between the different regions on a selected track (see the tutorial for details on how this is done), and how one can play from the start of the selected region as well with Shift Space.