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How To Use ML Drums Including MultiOut For Blind Logic Users With VoiceOver

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If you have been on the hunt for a Drum Virtual Instrument that doesn’t require Kontakt or Komplete Kontrol, has accessibility especially where it relates to multi out, then ML Drums from ML Sound Lab may be worth a look. While at this writing, it’s not 100% accessible, you can do a lot and get quite far with it. In this tutorial we’ll cover everything you need to know to hit the ground running with this drum plug in.
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You can start getting familiar with ML Drums while using VoiceOver here.

One limitation for the free ML Drums kit is that there is only two toms. The free kit is part of the essential expansion so you’ll get the remaining toms and other drum pieces that match and complete ML Drums Free. ML Drums Free And the Essentials expansion are made up of all Tama toms, kicks, and snares, and Sabian cymbals.
The Luxe expansion doesn’t have any cymbals but instead has all Ludwig drum shells.
The Meld expansion adds 11 cymbals. These are all based on Meinl Byzance cymbals, which are the industry standard cymbals used for modern rock, metal and djent.
The Grit expansion boasts about its samples being recorded with sought after classic microphones and analog gear, is made up of zildjian cymbals and Gretsch snares, and toms plus a perl kick.
Finally, (as of this writing anyways as I am sure more expansions will follow in the future,) the Yamz expansion has Yamaha kicks, snares, and toms along with Zildjian cymbals (a different set from the Grit expansion)..
All the product pages linked above has a list of all the kit pieces available in each expansion, and also has a link to a YouTube video with sound examples for each expansion. Regardless of which expansion you get, you can build your own custom drum kits by mixing and matching elements from all the expansions you own.

Chapter Markers

0:00 – Introduction And Adding plug in to the track
5:46 – ML Drum Interface and the Drums Tab where you Choose presets and swap kit pieces
15:30 – MIDI Tab where you can choose MIDI map, create your own or MIDI Learn your controller or E Drum Kit.
24:17 – Purchasing ML Drums Add ons or Expansions.
27:14 – Multi Out!