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Lets Talk About Logic Pro’s Mastering Assistant And How To Use It With VoiceOver For Blind Users!

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In this tutorial, Izzie G walks Us through The Mastering Assistant that’s included in Logic Pro starting in version 10.8. He covers everything from how to load it, What it does when it first loads, the different parameters we can adjust and what they all do/mean and much more.
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You can load Logic’s Mastering Assistant in one of two ways. Either from the Mix menu in Logic, or by navigating to the stereo output in the mixer where the Mastering assistant button is, after all the audio effects. Once loaded, it will analyze the project which may take some time depending on the length of the song, then provide you with a starting point. If you are on an older Intel Mac, or you are running Logic in Rosetta Mode, then you may be limited to only the clean mode. The tutorial covers the rest of the parameters and wraps up with a discussion about the LUFS meters.
Any questions, let me know or if you want to go deeper and master one of your tracks then schedule some one on one training and we can pull up one of your songs and step through it together.

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