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Ozone 11 Mastering Assistant – Here’s How To Use It With VoiceOver

Posted in effects, and Logic

This tutorial covers how to use Izotope’s Ozone 11’s mastering assistant feature with VoiceOver in Logic Pro. This tutorial will require you to run Logic in rosetta mode to follow along. You will also want to switch the plug in from controls view to the editor view, or Isotope Coco view as it’s displayed in this plug in. To switch the plug in from controls view, in the plug in window navigate past the pop up button where you can choose and or save a preset a with VO right until you get to a button labelled Controls menu button. Vo Space on that and from the menu select the Izotope Coco option. Once you do this, you can VO Right to the link checkbox, and that’s where the tutorial picks up.