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Q&A #10

Posted in Editing, effects, Logic, Member's Area, Q&A's, and VoiceOver And MacOS

Time stamps to the topics discussed and questions asked can be found below and in the description on Youtube. Also, there is a playlist of all the Q&A’s.
Watch Q&A 10 here

0:00 Question 1 – Issues encountered in Sonoma and WorkArounds to deal with them.
6:05 Question 2 – What to do with the Logical Delay presets one receives by being subscribed to the mailing list.
9:26 Question 3 – Logic Meters in Channel Strips Aren’t showing up (in Monterey)
13:36 Question 4 – Should you upgrade to Sonoma? And How to Clear Notifications in MacOS
29:43 Question 5 – Using Non NKS Kontakt instruments in Komplete Kontrol And Better Results With Isotope RX.
35:39 Question 6 – Saving Plug in Chains as Presets and the difference between Patches and Channel Strip Settings
43:37 Question 7 – Searching for tracks or Jumping from track 1 to 56 for example quickly
46:08 Question 8 – More on patches and channel strip settings
47:09 Question 9 – Having your sustain pedal only Control One Instrument in a Key Limit or A Split
50:15 Discussion about Console One, Focusrite And Accessibility
1:06:48 Question 10 – Sharing a project, the best way to send a Logic Project to someone else to open in their version of Logic.
1:10:05 Question 11 – Working With Regions, Editing, Splitting etc.
1:17:34 Question 12 – Piano Roll Editing and Deleting Notes
1:20:20 Question 13 – Deleting tracks vs Deleting regions.
1:21:12 Tip for dropping in while recording (similar to punching in)
1:25:28 Why you should consider Having a full sized Keyboard.
1:28:09 More Piano Roll Editing discussion. For more on the Piano Roll see this member’s area tutorial.
1:31:13 Question 14 – Native Access and signing in.
1:36:13 Question 15 – Disabling the VoiceOver Caption Panel.

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  1. Jhomme1028

    Hi Mr. Oreo. Wow. I love the time stamps. Thanks so much for doing that. I don’t have the attention span to listen to the whole thing. I feel guilty for asking and hopeful at the same time. Do you think you will consider doing the time stamps for the other Q&A posts?

    October 10, 2023

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