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Play Bass With The Left Hand And Piano With The Right, Setting Up Key Limits in Logic Pro For Blind Users Using VoiceOver

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If you are a keyboard player who likes to play bass with your left hand and Piano with your right hand for example, then you will want to know how to create your own splits, or Key Limit’s. This screen reader friendly tutorial covers how it’s done in Apple’s Logic Pro using VoiceOver.
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To create a Key Limit you will first need to select the MIDI or Software Instrument track that you would like to limit the MIDI Note range of. Once selected, you will need to go to the track inspector, (the second table in the inspector) and navigate down to Key Limit. Once there, VO Right and interact with it.
Now VO Shift Space twice to simulate a double click of the mouse and type in the range you would like to limit that instrument to, using a space to separate the MIDI notes. For example C-2 space C2.
To type a sharp press the hash/pound/number sign, which on the US English keyboard is shift and the number 3. I’m not sure if flats would work since that is usually written with a “b”, and the system may think you are attempting to type in a b note.
Once you have all the individual tracks you would like to key limit sorted, you can put them in a track stack and play them as one instrument with the key limits being honored.
Check out the member’s area tutorial where I also show how key limits can be useful for drum sample replacement and or augmentation. Got any questions about this or anything Logic, VoiceOver or MacOS related? Drop it in the FAQ’s form and it could be answered on a future FAQS & Logic episode.