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Q&A #6

Posted in Beat Making, effects, Logic, Member's Area, and Q&A's

Topics covered are mentioned below. Find a [playlist of all Q&A’s here.

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This edition of the Q&A kicks off with a discussion of the news of the day, Logic Pro for iPad. We talked about why some us are skeptics, what we hope to see, and my perspective on where it could go along with how it seems after only 2 or so days playing with it.
This transitions us nicely into a discussion of getting familiar with MacOS, and or how to get comfortable and confident with a new OS. I offer up a few suggestions to assist as well.
All this brings us to our first question, which is accessing and using the match EQ in Logic. We Talk about what it is, why or when would be the time to use it and of course, how to use it.
After this we go on to talk about the sampler and quick sampler by way of a question asked about Drum Machine Designer. I showed how at least with the sampler you can put a couple samples into a track stack and play it like a drum kit or open the track stack to play the individual kit pieces. I demonstrate something similar all be it with Chords in the Chopping Loops tutorial. I show how Quick Sampler works but the same track stack trick won’t work there. I do however show off how the Logic electronic drums are a track stack and how you can take advantage of it. For more on that check out the intro to beatmaking tutorial.
We then quickly discuss normalizing and region gain, before talking a little bit about Komplete Kontrol.
We then have a in depth discussion about a Logic Band Course, what that could look like and how it could work. Accountability was the theme of that discussion and the idea was floated to have a lesson day, where I’d go over something and give an assignment at the end of it. The next time we get together we would go over the assignments to see how everyone got along and answer any questions etc. If after listening to the conversation, leave a comment and let me know if that’s something you may be interested in.
The topic of conversation then turns to key limit and troubleshooting when they aren’t working properly. That’s then followed up by a question about why I recommend resetting the track before adding Komplete Kontrol or another 3rd party instrument.
Up next we talk about ways to add loops where the tempo is known to a project, followed up by a question about how to get to a file you will sometimes need to delete to resolve a Komplete Kontrol issue. The Komplete Kontrol conversation also leads to us discussing the not fully accessible Komplete Kontrol stand alone app, (not the plug in you use in Logic) and how VOCR can be helpful.
Next up was a question on Drummer, and in addition to discussing techniques for recording guitar and using drummer, I referred also to the Intro to Drummer and the Curious about Drummer tutorials.
We then go on to discuss ways to take advantage of the DAW when just starting out to get your ideas down while minimizing editing down the road. This includes working on small sections at a time and taking advantage of the undo facilities in the DAW.
We next hit a series of questions on Komplete Kontrol, using it in Logic, and scanning plug ins. You may also need to re-scan plug ins while logic is running in rosetta mode. See this tutorial to see how to run Logic in Rosetta Mode. After that check this tutorial to see how to rescan plugins.
WE close out with a series of questions regarding parallel compression and limiting, when and or how to use them or when they may be appropriate. We then talk about using the tape delay as a tape plug in without the delay part. One thing I forgot to mention is you may want to set the wet to 100% and the dry to 0% unless you want to blend in some of the dry signal.
Lastly, we discuss ways to make choruses more interesting with percussion, and where and how to find them in Logic.
Got any questions or follow ups, leave them in the comments below.