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Q&A #11

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In This 11th installment of the Q&A for members, We discuss everything from Sonoma, Komplete Kontrol, Plug Ins and the difference between Plug inView Modes, Pros And Cons of all the accessible DAWS, Transposing while playing your keyboard and more.
Time stamps are listed below and in the video description on Youtube.

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0:00 – Intro + discussion of Sonoma vs Monterey, what issues to expect with either regarding Logic and Komplete Kontrol.
5:27 – Plug in view modes and the Pros/Cons of Controls view vs Editor or Remote view. This tutorial shows how to switch between controls view and editor/remote view.
9:11 – Software vs Hardware Synths, Alchemy, Komplete Kontrol And Finishing An Idea vs Finding the right sound
21:25 – Capturing ideas for working on Later, Exporting Regions for ideas to explore in a different project later, Project organization in Finder to improve efficiency and workflow.
30:50 – Putting an effect only on a certain part of the track or region And the Differences between a Summing Stack and A Folder Stack
51:07 – Key rate and Different Windows in Logic Pro
57:08 – Should I update to Sonoma
58:15 – Transposing MIDI on the fly while playing it in. Also discusses record MIDI To Track Here
1:15:42 – What do the numbers after the notes in the piano roll or the event list mean?
1:20:46 – The Event List, What’s the usual behavior and what’s broken
1:22:16 – What’s Next (Logic Pro 10.8, Logic Pro 11? And the price of Logic vs Other DAWs.
1:27:53 – Are Avid Pro’s Really Logic’s Cons, and Reaping What You Sew. Also Backing up your Logic Versions before updating
1:37:01 – Finding the Logic Demo Projects
1:38:34 – How to click on things when using VOCR
1:39:00 – How to chop audio out of a larger region and use it in the sampler. We discuss both the sampler and Quick Sampler
1:53:33 – Adjusting VoiceOver’s Volume on the Fly. Also see this tutorial regarding a technique to mute speech when editing.

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